Hello everyone!

We're very happy to say that Our Lovely Escape has now been officially released. It's been a long journey, but thank you to everyone who stuck with us and has expressed interest in the game. We've updated the store page with new screenshots from the finalized build of the game too, since the page hasn't been updated since it's inception. The 10% discount will last a week from launch.
There is also a free 18+ patch to restore 18+ content to the game. It features 6 CGs, and various scenes. Installing the patch will auto-install the content; there is no need to do anything else after the patch is installed. For those who need to install it manually (for whatever reason), it is as simple as dropping the patch.rpa" in the /game/ folder inside the game's directory.

There is also an artbook/guide DLC, which is $4.99. It features a bunch of pages with hi-res art, including concept art and promo sketches not seen in game! It also has a guide to every choice/route in game in it.
Thank you again to everyone, we hope you enjoy the game!

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