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Three strangers are thrust into an unexpected situation together—they awaken only to find themselves on a spaceship called the Blossom.

A mysterious journey lies ahead of them; what misadventures will they experience over the next two weeks?



  • Two to three hours of gameplay
  • Two routes
  • Four endings
  • Four CGs
  • Partial voice acting

Note: please turn down the music volume so that you can hear the voice acting clearly!

If you enjoy the original version of Blossoms Bloom Brightest, please consider checking out the extended version, Galaxy Angels!

More information

Published182 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date18 days ago
AuthorReine Works
TagsAlternate History, Anime, Female Protagonist, meaningful-choices, Multiple Endings, Romance, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Visual Novel, yuri
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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BBBv1-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 66 MB
BBBv1-1.0-mac.zip 60 MB
BBBv1-1.0-pc.zip 75 MB
BBBv1-1.0-win.zip 62 MB
BBB Guide.docx 204 kB if you pay $1.00 USD or more
BBB Guide.pdf 217 kB if you pay $1.00 USD or more
Erica Dakimakura Design.zip 2 MB if you pay $4.00 USD or more
Sara Dakimakura Design.zip 2 MB if you pay $7.00 USD or more
Kotoha Dakimakura Design.zip 2 MB if you pay $10.00 USD or more


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Hi! Im kind of new to all of this and have never played or downloaded a visual novel before and i cant seem to find any videos or explanations on how to open the game (that might just be because im bad at searching). Can anyone please help me?


If you're on Windows, you need to extract the .zip you downloaded with 7zip (or any other applicable program) and then run the file called BBBv1.exe in the BBBV1 (the exact name differs depending on which version you downloaded) folder.

I got it! Thank you :)

Still can't decide who I love more Kotoha or Sara. Though I think Sara's bad ending was the absolute best! Ahh, it's so hard to choose. Sometimes the voices seemed a bit random but overall it did help to really characterise the three women. Can't wait to see what you release next!

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I can't get 4 endings . I can only get 2 . The one where Erica kisses Kotoha (my favourite) and the where Erica kisses Sara . Does somone have a guide or something ???

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Hi! Thanks for playing our first release!

Because there's already a paid guide above and we don't want to undermine anyone's purchase, we'll stick to only sharing a few tips to getting all of the endings.

Kotoha's good ending (you've gotten this):

- This is the easiest ending to get overall. Just be nice to her.

- You're almost guaranteed to get this ending on your first try.

Kotoha's bad ending:

- There is only one specific choice set that leads to it, so it's technically the most difficult ending to get. May take trial and error.

- You only need 3 affection points with her in the common route to get onto her route. Do not get any more than the minimum points needed. Focus on Sara after that.

- Don't raise her affection at all during her route. Be mean/rude/harsh/inconsiderate.

Sara's good ending (you've gotten this):

- This is the second most difficult to get ending.

- More than anything, be honest with Sara. But, you should also be nice and avoid making fun of her.

Sara's bad ending:

- Bad choices will lower her affection for you. Take advantage of this.

- Be nice to Kotoha and depend on her. Be rude and patronising to Sara.