Beta Live! for Purchasers

The public MLC beta build is now live. With this, you may play the entirety of the common route and Anja's route.  

Please do let us know about any typos or bugs you encounter, and all feedback on the storyline is welcome. We can't make any promises in regards to excessively large rewrites, but we'll do what we can to make MLC the best game it can be.

We're presently working on getting this build approved for Steam Early Access. Once it's live there, we'll be aiming to release Mimi and the king's routes about a week apart, pending player feedback on each route.

P.S. If you downloaded beta build 7.0 last night, please make sure to upgrade to version 7.1 ASAP as it fixes a number of small bugs.

KS-exclusive beta build saves do not automatically work with this new version of the game, but you may be able to manually import them by copying them into the game's save folder. However, we do not recommend doing this as version 0.7 does have a number of script changes which may cause strange plot/dialogue inconsistencies.

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Oct 30, 2019

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Hey there. Bought the game. Really neat so far. I'm guessing just the normal route is available for Anya, not his good one? I was sure I did everything right last time ;P

Good choice of voice actor. I really like the few roles I've heard him in.

I found a bug I'd like to report. The exception notice said you have a discord? I couldn't find a specific thread on the forum that was mentioned.

My username is Gorgon#6630


We're glad to hear that!

All 3 of Anja's endings are available, and we've confirmed that his good ending works properly. That said, it seems Steam users have also had trouble getting it based on the achievement metrics, so we may lower the amount of points required a little. 

For now--keep in mind that decisions made in the common route do count towards your ending, so it's probably easiest to start a new game and skip through the dialogue, making sure you chose all of the Anja-centric options there (spending time with him, getting to know him, being honest about your thoughts/feelings).

As for bugs--we do have a bug thread on right here. There is a Discord but it's inactive at the moment. Hopefully, we'll have more time to fix it up in the new year.