Game Build Updated

We've uploaded a new game build! We had a little oopsie with the game version number, so it's listed as the same as the last one, but rest assured that the download has, in fact, been updated.


  • Further changes to Anja's first smut scene; mostly entirely new lines but also some small general changes
  • Misc. typos corrected
  • NPC sprite fixes: sprites that were off to the side should now be centered, and ones that covered the text should also be fixed
    • Please let us know if you find any missed or new visual glitches pertaining to the NPC sprites, and we'll look into them

Next update:

  • Mimi chapter 1 & 2 OR Mimi chapter 1 - 3 (we're now correcting new NPC sprites as we go)

Files 434 MB
Dec 12, 2019

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