July Update

Main Script Complete

The game's main script has been completed! The present word count is 276,060, which is roughly a whopping 18 to 28 hours of gameplay. However, a huge chunk of the script is only in a partially edited state, which means that the final word count will likely go down a bit.

What's left to do?

  • finish editing the partially edited scripts
  • add sprite/image programming to the remaining chapters
  • add NPC sprite programming to all chapters
  • add voice clip programming to the remaining chapters
  • choose which scripts are to be voiced, send those scripts to the voice actors*
  • beta testing
  • development part 2**

Change of release schedule

With much more budget than expected going into script-writing and artwork, we'll be raising the final price of the game and also splitting it into two separate releases, both of which Backers and those who pre-order the game will receive since that's what you supported the project for. 

That is to say, any pre-orders made between now and release on itch.io will receive both versions. We'll also set it up so those who purchase just the visual novel version can upgrade to the RPG version for the price difference and those who purchase the RPG version get the VN version for free, if possible depending on the storefront.

The new pricing is as follows...

$20 USD / $~25 CAD - Mizari Loves Company: Visual Novel version

$25 USD / $~32 CAD - Mizari Loves Company: RPG version

We'll be releasing the visual novel version of the game as soon as possible, with a goal of September-October. * We also won't be waiting for the remaining voice acting files if they aren't in on time and will simply release that as an update when it's ready.

** Then, we'll begin implementing the RPG systems for the second version of the game, as well as writing and adding the side quests into the game. We expect this to add another 15,000 to 30,000 words to the game, as well. To keep in the spirit of MLC and its protagonist, emphasis will be put on the roleplaying aspect of the genre, wherein you will be able to solve quests in various ways, depending on what you have at your disposal and how you would like to solve them.

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Thank you for the update! I've been wondering what was up