Sales Re-enabled + Plans Going Forward

Hi, all!

Long time no see. We have decided to re-enable purchases for the alpha build of Mon-cuties for All!

The game is now only $1, but new purchases will not include the comic, 3D title, or any other bonuses that early adopters will receive. The main reason we've decided to do so is that especially at a time like this, sometimes you just need a moment to destress, and we believe Mon-cuties is the title in our roster that most represents that idea.

As such, going forward, we will also be including Mon-cuties for All! in all of's charity/relief bundles in which it is accepted. 

Plans Going Forward

It doesn't quite feel right leaving the game at version 0.5 while having it up for download again, though. We had additional artwork and plans for new scenes/content written out, so we will be working on occasional updates for Mon-cuties for All! over the next few weeks/months until we're happy enough with it to call it a true version 1.0.

We will also likely be bringing that version 1.0 to Steam with achievements, which will, of course, include free keys for those who purchased it on

Thank you for reading. Please stay safe.

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Got this as part of the BLM bundle and I love it so much you don't even know please send out alerts when it goes on steam. I'm more than happy to pay full price on steam for it i love this little game XD I don't want my animals to be crowded in the barn T.T. I appreciate the extra long time on clicking i have arthritis and it's extremely painful to click things too repetitively. Please keep us informed i would like to purchase the comic if that is ever available!


I would have bought this sooner if I'd known about it! Sadly, I did not, and just got it as part of the gigantic bundle for BLM.


Same here!