A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Come on down to Mon-cuties for All and start your new life on a monster farm! 

Spend your days peacefully tending to your precious monster friends. Watch them grow before your eyes, and enter them into monster shows to raise funds. 


  • Take care of your monsters through a clicker mini-game, and watch them grow
  • Enter your cuties into prize fairs with a diverse quiz mini-game
  • Order new monsters & improve your clicker points through Nyajhit's Wares
  • Customise your very own player sprite
  • Super cute, unique monster calls
  • Randomised monster colour palettes, selected from 3 choices
NOTE: the current build of the game is the "Game Jam" version!
In early 2018, we plan to release a new final version with an updated GUI, revised/extended game systems, new content, and a few extra features! Once the final version releases, the game's price will rise to $8!


This game is currently unavailable

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