Version 1.1

Version 1.1 is technically a beta build, but we thought we'd upload it a bit early since it offers quite a few improvements.

Change log:

  • Game resolution upgraded to 1920 x 1080
  • The smaller versions of the character sprites had a small border added around them to help with contrast
  • Misc. GUI adjustments
    • 2 additional save/load slots added
    • "Page Back" function added to Gallery
  • Prologue re-edited
  • Choice to skip prologue removed; on-screen quick menu added to section instead
    • You may still use the "CTRL" button to skip through this section like normal
  • Visuals for prologue section revamped
    • Note: some of the illustrations are incomplete/missing but expected to be finished soon
  • A number of typos were fixed
  • Misc. scripts edits for consistency were made
  • Peony's route has been re-edited
  • An extension was added to the Secret Route's bad ending
  • An additional scene was added to the Secret Route's good ending
    • You must play through the good ending twice to unlock it
  • Credits sequence replaced
  • New ending theme added

Coming soon:

  • Higher resolution opening video
  • Remaining illustrations for prologue
  • Re-edited Ronah & Thiria's routes
  • Bonus scenes for Wynn's route
  • Additional/new section for Peony's route
  • Bonus unlockable game content


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Feb 20, 2019

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Can you believe I still didn't have time to play the game since the full version is out? It makes me so mad with my busy schedule and hectic life! I honestly hope I'll find some time soon. I mean seriously, I funded an entire ending in this thing and then didn't have time to play *tears*