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Mon-cuties for All

Starting a new chapter in your life, you move to a farm and enter the world of monster farming! · By Reine Works


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Version 0.6 (Unstable) Released
Mon-cuties V.0.6 has been released! Please keep in mind that this is considered an unstable build. The game's original code has been ported into the brand-new...
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Quick Update
Sorry for the delay! The first Mon-cuties update will be out in a few days. The main changes will be large visual overhauls as well as significant recoding from...
Comic Preview
This is just a small preview of the chapter 1 draft, but as some have asked about it, we would like to confirm that work on the Mon-cuties comic has started. On...
Sales Re-enabled + Plans Going Forward
Hi, all! Long time no see. We have decided to re-enable purchases for the alpha build of Mon-cuties for All! The game is now only $1, but new purchases will not...
Still Alive, Just in a Different Form
Hi, guys. Mon-cuties started out as a small game jam project a long, long while ago. The idea was both simple and complex. We were inspired by things like Pokem...
Plans for the future!
Hi, guys! Thanks so much for checking out our very first experimental title! In this post, we'll be documenting the changes we expect will be made in the final...