Quick Update

Hi, guys! 

We just want to give a quick update so that you don't think we've forgotten about the game.

We're still working on putting the updated voice demo together; unfortunately, our only developer has been  sick for the past week, which has put it behind schedule, but it should be ready in a few days. In the meantime, we have something exciting to announce! 

We've found a writer to take over the rest of the game's script! They've already started combing over the existing content to get to know the characters and are excited to get started. As not to put too much pressure on them prematurely, we'll be leaving their name out until we're ready to ready to release the next game build with their content in it. Rejoice! Things are finally picking back up!

P.S.: if you haven't already seen it, Solmaris was featured in our Halloween promo image!

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Getting sick sucks so much, I hope everything's better now?

And congrats on finding a new writer! I'm sure they'll make a great work!

Good luck to all! I'm so glad I helped with this project - I've replayed the demo a bunch of times, and I don't regret it for a second. I really hope it'll all go smoothly from now on!

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Thanks for the well wishes! Actually, I've been sick again for the past few days, but I persevered and finally got those updated clients out anyway. It's just that season, I guess.

Thank you again! Hopefully the final version won't disappoint. I, for one, am excited to finish this title, since we've been working on it for so long. And if it does well enough, I've had plans for a fandisc drafted for a while, so that might be a possibility, too.