Demo Update + Development Going Forward

Hi, guys! We've got an update for you.

On the demo: The new demo should be out within the next 1-2 weeks. Script editing is mostly done but it needs to be programmed in and checked for consistency. 

Overall, it shouldn't take too much longer, but I will be hosting a livestream on Friday, and the prep work for that has slowed me down a bit, as I've never done one before. Anyhoo, feel free to drop in and chat or ask questions, if you'd like! It's for Anomalis but hey, it'll be on the Reine Works YouTube channel, so whatever!

On development going forward: We will be changing our plans a bit. The game has been in development for over a year now. Rather than releasing the third demo and then nothing 'til release, we will just be completely switching over to releasing new full game builds periodically (hopefully every one to two months, but it depends on what help I can secure for the rest of development). 

A small preview of what's to come in full build #1!

Our first full build will include Sho, Leo, and Wynn's routes--all of the boys from the first part of the common route--and also the second section of the common route, which introduces the rest of the cast. Hopefully, build two will include the three part one girls' routes and a polished version of the second part of the common route, and then the last build can follow with the three final routes for part two (which would bring us to the end of development).

On present development: With The Tail Makes the Fox episode 1 at around 80% completion and awaiting an October release, I'll be focusing on finishing that up after this second demo is released. Afterwards, however, my focus will be on Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~ until the game's finished. In the meantime, I'll be looking into small upgrades for Reflections between work, to hopefully bring the game up to our current development standards. What does that even mean, you're wondering? You'll have to wait and find out...

Closing note: I've been personally disappointed with myself for not being able to get the game out faster. The main issue stemmed from depending on myself to write everything, while also doing a number of other tasks for the game. Obviously, that just doesn't work. One person can't do such a large amount of work for a game of this length and complexity without it taking forever. So, future games will have their own dedicated writers, who are not me. The Tail Makes the Fox is Reine Works' first game with its own writer, in fact. Instead, I'll stick to the things I can do quickly and far more efficiently--like programming and script editing, which hopefully means all future releases will be able to have decent release frames, like The Tail Makes the Fox presently has.

Bonus question: Would anyone be interested in Reflections merchandise? I've been thinking about opening up a Reine Works merch shop to supplement some income, but I'm not sure how much interest there is for it.

Hope you're all having a good week!

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Yay for merch! But well, my interest comes in part from my implication in the game because of the ending I've purchased and all so yeah, I'm not the best person to ask haha.

And so hyped aboout the new demo now! I've been itching for more Reflexions!

Good luck with all the work!